The general objectives of EMPOWER are summarized below:

Work Packages and Deliverables

The project is organized in eight work packages (WPs).


This project builds on a high quality, complementary and multidisciplinary consortium that will create essential synergies between members of the quadruple helix of the Cyprus economy, build a critical mass of researchers, and develop young scientists for performing high-level research.

EMPOWER brings together all the key stakeholders of the electric energy sector in Cyprus with an ambitious goal to develop sustainable and intelligent technologies and tools for the electric power system of Cyprus. EMPOWER aims at improving the effectiveness of the Cypriot Research, Technological Development, and Innovation (RTDI) through research activities, technological development, and innovation, focusing on the priority area of energy. One of the major goals of EMPOWER is the smart and green evolution of the Cyprus power system infrastructure, which will result to a great socio-economic impact for the entire country. 



The Project INTEGRATED/0916/0035 is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation with 1 million euro.