Project Outputs

The technical outputs of the Domognostics ERC Proof of Concept project are summarised as follows:

  1. The design and development of the semantically-enhanced IoT Domognostics™ platform;
  2. The integration of multiple type of commercial and experimental IoT sensors in the Domognostics platform measuring building states (temperature, humidity, CO2, door/window openings etc.);
  3. The integration of published state-of-the-art research-based algorithms in the Domognostics platform for real-time anomaly diagnosis;
  4. The pilot deployment and testing of the Domognostics platform in real operational conditions for within two building use-cases 1) within the KIOS CoE building of the University of Cyprus, and 2) within the PHOEBE offices;
  5. The design and development of a prototype WiFi-enabled microcontroller-based hardware device that is able to integrate various sensors for measuring several features of the building;
  6. The development of a back-end software operating on a low-cost computation device, to integrated sensors which communicate through various wireless protocols (e.g., Z-Wave).

The business outputs of the project are:

  1. The survey of more than 15 commercial building engineers/managers to identify the customer needs;
  2. The development of a complete market analysis and business case document, studying the commercialisation opportunities of the Domognostics platform;
  3. The preparation of an investors’ package.

The business objective of the Domognostics ERC Proof of Concept is to provide evidence about the viability of the innovative idea and the existence of a market potential to make a sustainable business in line with the vision and goals of the team.

Main dashboard with event triggering
Building overview with sensor selection
Processing of sensor semantics
Real-time monitoring of building conditions