CRITIS 2014 Program FINAL [pdf]

Monday, 13th of October

09:00-10:00 CIPRNet Lecture, Jose Marti

Session Chair: E. Kyriakides - Room: “Grand Hall B”

10:00-11:00 Risk Prediction for Increasing Critical Infrastructure Protection: A Key Issue for Enhancing City Resilience, Vittorio Rosato

Session Chair: E. Rome - Room: “Grand Hall B”

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

Session 1 – “Grand Hall B”

Session Chair: S. Cavallini

Session 2 – “Grand Hall C”

Session Chair: R. Setola

Cyber-Physical Systems and Sensor Networks


Security of Water Systems

Fault Detection and Isolation in Critical Infrastructure Systems

V. Puig, T. Escobet, R. Sarrate and

J. Quevedo

Decentralised Hierarchical Multi-rate Control of Large-scale Drinking Water Networks

A.K. Sampathirao, P. Sopasakis and

A. Bemporad


Critical Infrastructure in the Future City – Developing Secure and Resilient Cyber–Physical Systems
H. Boyes, R. Isbell and T. Watson
dbpRisk: Disinfection By-Product Risk Estimation

M. Kyriakou, D. Eliades and

M. Polycarpou



Inferring Field Device Identity and Operating State Using Physical Features of Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) Signals

J. Lopez Jr. and M. Temple

Gaussian-Process-based Demand Forecasting for Predictive Control of Drinking Water Networks

Y. Wang, C. Ocampo-MartΓ­nez, V. Puig and J.Quevedo



Processing and Communications Rate Requirements in Sensor Networks for Physical Thread Assessment

I. Kyriakides, S. Neophytou,

A. Kounoudes, K. Michail, Y. Argyrou and T. Wieland


Graph-Based Hydraulic Vulnerability Assessment of Water Distribution Networks

M. Fragiadakis, S. Xanthos, D. Eliades, A. Gagatsis and S. Christodoulou



A Comprehensive Approach for Security Assessment in Transport

S. Cavallini, F. D’Onofrio, P. Ferreira,

A. Simoes and N. Garcia


Sensor Data Validation and Reconstruction in Water Networks: A Methodology and Software Implementation

D. Garcia, J. Quevedo, V. Puig and

M.A. CuguerΓ³


13:10-14:50 Lunch Break

Session 3 – “Grand Hall B”

Session Chair: B.M. Hämmerli

Session 4 – “Grand Hall C”

Session Chair: G. Sansavini

CYCA Session


Power and Energy System Security

Critical Infrastructure Online Fault Detection: Application in Water Supply Systems

C. Heracleous, E.E. Miciolino, R. Setola, F. Pascucci, D.G. Eliades, G. Ellinas,

C.G. Panayiotou and M.M. Polycarpou

An Attack Analysis of Managed Pressure Drilling Systems on Oil Drilling Platforms

T.R. Mcevoy and S. Wolthusen


Improving Situational Awareness for First Responders

F. De Cillis, F. De Simio, F. Inderst,

L. Faramondi, F. Pascucci and R. Setola

The Effect of Branch Parameter Errors to Voltage Stability Indices

V. Kirincic, M. Asprou, P. Mavroeidis and E. Kyriakides


Faults and Cyber Attacks Detection in Critical Infrastructures

Y. Soupionis, S. Ntalampiras and

G. Giannopoulos

CFD Simulation of Contaminant Transportation in High-Risk Buildings using CONTAM

A. Nikolaou and M. Michaelides


Automatic Fault Identification in Sensor Networks Based on Probabilistic Modeling

S. Ntalampiras and G. Giannopoulos

Detection and Management of Large Scale Power System Disturbances

A. Sauhats, V. Chuvychin, G. Bockarjova, D. Zalostiba, D. Antonovs and

R. Petrichenko


A Decision Support System for Emergency Management of Critical Infrastructures subjected to Natural Hazards

V. Rosato, A. Di Pietro, L. La Porta, M. Pollino,

A. Tofani, J.R. Marti and

C. Romani

Impact of Surface Nuclear Blast on the Transient Stability of the Power System

C. Barrett, V. Centeno, S. Eubank,

C.Y. Evrenosoglu, A. Marathe,

M. Marathe, C. Mishra, H. Mortveit,

A. Pal, A. Phadke, J. Thorp, A. Vullikanti and M. Youssef


Progressive Recovery from Failure in Multi-layered Interdependent Network Using a New Model of Interdependency

A. Mazumder, C. Zhou, A. Das and

A. Sen

Building an Integrated Metric for Quantifying the Resilience of Interdependent Infrastructure Systems

C. Nan, G. Sansavini and W. Kröger


18:00-19:00 Welcome Reception (by the hotel pool area)





Tuesday, 14th of October

09:00-10:00 Methodologies for the Identification of Critical Information Infrastructure

Assets and Services, Rossella Mattioli

Session Chair: C. Panayiotou - Room: “Grand Hall B”

10:00-11:00 Water Distribution Systems Security Enhancement through Monitoring,

Avi Ostfeld


Session Chair: M. Polycarpou - Room: “Grand Hall B”

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break


Session 5 – “Grand Hall B”

Session Chair: T. Bogaard

Session 6 – “Grand Hall C”

Session Chair: Y. Soupionis

Security and Recovery Policies


Cyber Security

Public-private Partnership: The Missing Factor in the Resilience Equation. The French Experience on CIIP

D. D’Elia

Model-based Evaluation of the Resilience of Critical Infrastructures under Cyber Attacks

O. Netkachev, P. Popov and K. Salako


Enterprise Security Analysis and Training Experience

E. Tyugu and A. Ojamaa

The Role of One-Class Classification in Detecting Cyberattacks in Critical Infrastructures

P. Nader, P. Honeine and P. Beauseroy


Storm Surge Defenses at the Dutch Coast – New Developments on Modeling and Operating Barriers

T. Bogaard, A. Zijderveld and

S. de Goederen

Cyber Attacks in Power Grid ICT Systems leading to Financial Disturbance

Y. Soupionis and T. Benoist



Using Programmable Data Networks to Detect Critical Infrastructure Challenges

K. White, D. Pezaros and C. Johnson

Obfuscation of Critical Infrastructure Network Traffic using Fake Communication

S. Jeon, J-H Yun and W-N Kim


Security Stress: Evaluating ICT Robustness through a Monte Carlo Method

F. Baiardi, F. Tonelli, A. Bertolini,

R. Bertolotti and L. Guidi

CyNetPhy: Towards Pervasive Defense-in-Depth for Smart Grid Security

M. Azab, B. Mokhtar and M. Farag



13:10-14:50 Lunch Break


Session 7 – “Grand Hall C”

Session Chair: M. Caselli

Security Tools and Protocols

Recovering Structural Controllability on Erdős–Rényi Graphs via Partial Control Structure Re-Use

B. Alwasel and S. Wolthusen


Self-healing Protocols for Infrastructural Networks

A. Scala, W. Quattrociocchi, G. A. Pagani and M. Aiello


PRoCeeD: Process State Prediction for CRITIS using Process Inherent Causal Data and Discrete Event Models

C. Horn and J. Krueger


Cascading Failures: Dynamic Model for CIP Purposes – Case of Random Independent Failures following Poisson Stochastic Process

M. Eid, T. Kling, T. Hakkarainen, Y. Barbarin, A. Grangeat and D. Serafin


A Security Assessment Methodology for Critical Infrastructure

M. Caselli and F. Kargl



Banquet Dinner at “Forsos Tavern”

Meet at the hotel entrance (GrandResort) at 20:00 for transfer to the dinner venue.








Wednesday, 15th of October

09:00-10:15 CI Panel: Current Status and Future Challenges in CIP in Cyprus

Panelists: G. Karkas (Cyprus Police), N. Paris (Civil Defense),

K. Kyrou (Water Development Board), C. Moritsis (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), N. Koutras (ADITESS LTD)

Session Chair: G. Boustras - Room: “Grand Hall B”


10:15-10:35 Coffee Break

10:35-13:05 COncORDE Emergency Response Stakeholders Case Studies

Session Chair: T. Kotis - Room: “Grand Hall B”


13:05-13:15 Introduction to CRITIS 2015, Erich Rome – Room: “Grand Hall B”


13:05-14:35 Lunch Break


Session 8 – “Grand Hall B”

Session Chair: N. Voropai

Session 9 – “Grand Hall C”

Session Chair: T. Staykova

CRIS2014 Special Session


COncORDE Special Session: Coordination Mechanisms and Decision Support in Emergency Environments Workshop Program [pdf]

Calculation of Cyber Security Index in the Problem of Power System State Estimation based on SCADA and WAMS Measurements

I. Kolosok and L. Gurina

Utilizing Social Media Data for Enhancing Decision Making during Emergencies

I. Kotsiopoulos, L. Baruh,

A. Papadimitriou


Factors influencing Oscillations within Meshed HVDC Grids and Implications for DC Voltage Control

A-K Marten, D. Westermann, L. Vento and

P. Favre-Perrod

An Experimental Evaluation of the HelpNet Emergency Response Networking Protocol

K. Koumidis, A. Pingas, P. Kolios, and C.G. Panayiotou


Model-based Security Risk Analysis for Networked Embedded Systems

M. Vasilevskaya and S. Nadjm-Tehrani

Literature Review and State-of-art in Healthcare Emergency Response in Europe

T. Staykova



Security of the Russian Information Infrastructures in Power System

N. Solonina and K. Suslov


Review of Communication Technologies for Emergency Response

H. Papadopoulos and E. Zoulias


Using the IEC 61850 Protocol for Safe and Reliable Information Exchange in Smart Grids Power Systems

A. Naumann, P. Komarnicki and

Z. Styczynski